A Buyers Guide Picking Out Men's Fashionable Watches

Men’s watches have gone from functional to funky, from the affordable and plain to the expensive and stylish, not to mention designer label styles. And over the years, the alternatives and choices available to men who desire to look trendy has reached to such extent as to mix up the criteria used to select the most suitable and fashionable watch.

The way to make that choice as to which is the ideal watch for your purpose is simply to take the criteria listed below, work through the decision making process, and just eliminate those regions where confusion transpires.

The criteria:

First, the Price Bracket;

Second, the Style;

Third, its Functionality;

Fourth, its Use; and

Fifth, your Personal Preference.

=Price Bracket=

Watches come with different price tags attached to it. With that said, much consideration must be placed upon your budget when buying a watch, well, budget is essential in any purchase for that matter.

It is a fact that the amount of money you have in your wallet will restrict (or increase) your buying power, limit (or expand) your store selection, and entirely dictate the style and brand of watches you can actually take home with you. Do not interpret this as a bad thing. See here, this restriction can help alleviate the burden of decision-making. With a price starting from $15 going to a thousand, even hundred thousands, the stylish options available are merely restricted by the amount you can afford to spend.

*Limited Budget

However, for those on a tight budget, try to find watches that have cleverly mixed panache and style in affordable packages like Tissot, which is known not only for its extensive price range but also of their long lasting quality watches. A few of the most affordable men’s watches may be found in Movado and Raymond Weil. These two enter the scene positioned at the bottom end of the price range. Nonetheless, their products are still comparable with those crafted by expensive watchmakers. Not only do they provide competitive priced items, they offer a wide range of designs and styles as well.

*Mid-Range Budget

If you are fortunate enough to not be bound by any budget, the range of watches presented by Longines reflects style and sophistication akin with the quality pieces crafted by Cartier only at half the price. The 8605 from Gucci are worth considering as well since these watches usually fit almost any mid-range budget. Gucci 8605 offers a unique styling and elegant hues that will suit most outfits.

Joining Gucci’s 8605 in the mid-range category are the watches manufactured by Concorde Carlton. The latter provides chic finish and your choice of background to suit your taste and preference. The Omega classics are found within this category as well. And since this is a well-known brand, you know that you are getting a quality watch guaranteed. Breitling, one of the famous Swiss watchmakers, is worth considering too. They offer the buyers with innovative and stylish pieces backed by a great history of watch craftsmanship.

*Budget Not An Issue

The watches belonging in this price range are nothing but top of the line. Your options just got better. Though you should first ask yourself, ‘what do you want?’ Are you inclined to choose functionality over fashion and style? Or the other way ‘round? Think it through before spending large amounts of money. You should realize that given these ludicrously expensive timepieces, mistakes are easy to make and functionality are usually placed at the backseat giving to the temptation of getting a stylish watch instead of a classic practical one.

Zenith and Jaeger LeCoultre are worth looking into. If you are eyeing a high-end, top of the line, quality watch, then these two are the places to go.


An individual’s style preference is but personal. With that raised, there are literally thousands of designs and styles of watches, and one (or two or three) is bound to catch your attention. Straps can be of two-tone metallic, it can be brushed metallic, the classic ones, the list goes on. Other aspects that are generally considered are the watch hand, the face (its contour), the characters, the dials and the plethora of features offered by each manufacturer to address the ever-changing ‘chrono’ needs of man.

Aesthetically speaking, only you can create and choose your style. There are some men who prefer huge and bulky watches such as the Zenith Defy Xtreme with its equally imposing dials and buttons. Probably because such style is evocative of masculinity; while there are others who still opt for the timeless sophistication of presentation. By eliminating the styles that do not represent your personality or lifestyle, the choice becomes tapered.


Having a timepiece that possesses everyday functions also aids to eliminate quite a few watches in the market. Does your lifestyle require that you have all those features? Do you require waterproofing? It is necessary to have a chronograph? How about an alarm?

Nowadays, a lot of watches have one too many features from stopwatch to world times and everything in between. These may simply add confusion when you are just there to purchase a watch. If you are well aware of what you want and what you need, you will eliminate the possibility of paying thousands of dollars for a watch having a whole lot of features, which apparently will be a waste because you will never use them.


Is the watch that you are going to purchase be worn on a day to day basis? The answer to this question may save you a bundle. If you perform manual work, an expensive watch for everyday use is not a practical buy. You are better off buying an affordable and stylish watch. If you handle huge machineries, the more reason you should buy a cheaper watch of you are planning to wear it everyday.

One may also choose to purchase an expensive or a mid-priced watch as well as a cheap one. The latter can be worn on a day-to-day basis while the more costly watch can be used in special occasions. This set-up will certainly extend the life of the expensive timepiece.

=Personal Preference=

At the end of the day, selecting a watch will highly depend on your personal preference. There are a variety of products in the market from Gucci to Omega. And the type of watch you purchase may simply make a statement reflecting who you truly are. Nevertheless, it should still be functional as well as trendy. And if you are buying expensive watches, it is recommended that you invest in insurance to cover such item in case the unthinkable happens.

Style is available to each and everyone. And regardless of the price bracket you belong in, there are styles that will suit your taste and your budget too.


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