Following the Treasure Hunters Code of Ethics

Why should you follow the The Treasure Hunters Code Of Ethics.

Metal detecting is a hobby that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. There is nothing like the feeling of pulling an old coin out of the ground. Finding a gold or silver ring will brighten anyone’s day. There are rules that must be followed when detecting. If you follow these rules the hobby is sure to be enjoyed by you and future generations. These rules are called, “The Treasure Hunters Code Of Ethics”.

#1. I WILL strive to be an ambassador of my hobby and a good steward of the land.

This rule simply means, don’t destroy the land you are detecting on. Fill all your holes. Don’t remove any plants. Respect the land as if it was your own.

#2. I WILL assist authorities and the public in the recovery of lost items when asked, and will make every effort to return marked items to their rightful owners.

On rare occasions, law enforcement requires the assistance of an experienced detectorist. If asked to help, do so. When items are recovered turn them over to the proper people.

#3. I WILL hunt private lands by permission only and obey the wishes of landowners.

It is very important to obtain permission to hunt or detect on private property. The land owner is the only person from whom you should ask for permission, don’t take someone’s word that the land owner would let you hunt there.

#4. I WILL obey the laws of my country, state, province, and local government, and will speak out against those laws which are unreasonable or unjust.

If you intend on detecting on public property, find out the laws pertaining to that property. Most state, federal, and local run parks have rules of their own. It may be required to obtain a permit. Some public lands are off limits to detectorist. Contact the governing body for the public area you wish to detect. If any rule inflicts on your constitutional rights, speak out against it.

#5. I WILL obey all laws concerning protected archaeological sites, and the recovery and possession of artifacts from such sites.

History is important, therefore don’t hunt in areas where archaeological activities are occurring unless you are requested to do so or are part of an archaeological dig. Retaining anything from such sites for yourself is ethically wrong.

#6.I WILL report any significant historical discovery to the appropriate authorities and provide proper location information and documentation.

As with the above rule, history is important. If you determine that what you have found has historical significance, you must follow this rule.

#7. I WILL be an advocate to advance the knowledge and technology of my hobby.

Pursuing this hobby would not be possible if it weren’t for those who have gone before us. Embrace and support new technology, it will help you and others who come after you.

If this code is followed, many generations will be able to enjoy the same hobby that you have the pleasure to enjoy. Go out, dig some holes, follow these simple rules and most importantly, enjoy your hobby.

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