How to Clean Your Diamond Jewelry with Household Detergent

You've almost cleaned out your bank account to get that perfect piece of diamond jewelry. Now, how can you clean the jewelry without blowing the rest of your money? The answer is as near as your kitchen sink.

Before you start, take a good look at the item. Prod the gem gently with tweezers or some other implement to see if it may be loose. If it is, consider holding off on cleaning until you can afford a checkup at the jeweler's.

What you need:

  • Warm to hot water
  • Ordinary dishwashing soap or detergent (even the really cheap brands work)
  • A soft bristled brush (a toothbrush works well)

How you do it:

  • Very important: Put a stopper or strainer in your sink before you wash. (Ignore this step if you enjoy disassembling and cleaning out sink traps.)
  • Put a small amount of soap (or detergent) on the item. Wet your fingers and rub the soap on all surfaces of the jewelry for a few moments. In the case of a ring, you can wear it while you rub, sliding and turning it on your finger to clean the inside.
  • Gently work the soap into cracks and crevices with the soft bristled brush. (The brush must be soft to avoid scratching and dulling the metal or any coatings on the diamond.) Watch for any movement of the diamond or its setting prongs; stop immediately if you see this and save up for that visit to the jeweler.
  • Rinse the piece in warm to hot water.
  • Towel dry the jewelry.
  • Put on your sunglasses before you look at it.

Like almost anything else, jewelry stays looking good and takes less effort to clean if you clean it often. You don't have to use the brush every time; once in a while, swish the jewelry around in your dishwater (before you wash anything else in it) and rinse and dry. If the item is a ring, make a habit of rubbing it gently with your fingers while you wash your hands.

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