Would TIME CENTRE Honor Their Warranty on KENKO Watch? (PART 2 of 3)

If you go to all the effort of keeping your receipts and packaging, and sending back defective merchandise, you may have a happy fairy tale ending to the story of your purchase.

THIS PIECE CONTINUES FROM PART 1.  On the back of the packaging it says at the bottom, "Please do not return the watch to the store where you purchased it from."

Instead, one has to send it back to Time Centre's head office. But that could mean weeks and weeks of my being without my watch. Was it worth all the trouble and the postage and the waiting?

Well, I considered my options while reading the warranty card stuck on the back of the packaging...

Wondering what my options were, I studied the warranty card. It reads:



1. The mechanism of this watch is warranted against latent defects for a period of 60 calendar days from the date of purchase.

2. The warranty excludes any and all defects in the battery, lens, strap or bracelet of the watch.

3. In the event of a faulty or malfunctioning mechanism, kindly return the entrie watch to:

TIME CENTRE, P.O. BOX 76382, WENDYWOOD, 2144 with an accompanying cover letter (containing your name and contact details) and proof of purchase.

4. The watch will then be replaced or repaired. Provided that the defects or malfunction arose within the aforementioned 60 day period.

5. The watch must under no circumstances be returned to the store from which it was purchased.

6. This warranty is a condition of sale and purchase of the watch shall be deemed as consent thereto.

Please do not return the watch to the store where you purchased it from."

Mmmmmm... ok, did clause number 2 mean that they would not honor the warranty in my case? The bracelet has come off the unit. And the warranty excludes the bracelet.

In the end I decided that what they really mean is they won't replace or repair the bracelet if it had undergone wear and tear. This wasn't wear and tear; this was a faulty brand new unit. And realistically, it was the body of the watch that had a piece of it broken out and that's why it won't hold a strap. The strap itself is 100%.

Should I return it to Time Centre? Aside from having to be without the watch for weeks then anyway, it could always get lost in the mail, and then I would really have nothing.

But, what can I do with a watch that cannot be worn? I had to just go for it and take the chance.

I wrote the cover letter on my computer.  CONTINUE READING HERE

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Posted on May 16, 2012